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Cornell Wellness Movement for the Mind Virtual Bootcamp Class #2

Join Wellness staff Jeremy Stewart as he leads you through this interval style workout designed to increase your strength and keep your heart pumping.

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Cornell Wellness Spring Virtual Bootcamp Class #6

Zoom Recording ID: 92593775535 UUID: S9RSRlpPRzag/zCuj11S6Q== Meeting Time: 2021-02-18T16:44:51Z

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Cornell Wellness Spring 2021 Virtual Bootcamp Class #2

Zoom Recording ID: 92593775535 UUID: qkUvJsAXT2OkOIGNK5Qgtg== Meeting Time: 2021-02-04T16:44:14Z

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Cornell Wellness Fall 2020 Bootcamp Class Series 2 Class #1

Round 1 :30/:30, Round 2 :40/:20, Round 3 :30/:15, Round 4 :20/:10 Exercises: Body Squats Side to Side Push Ups Bent Over Rows Triceps Kickbacks Bicep Curls Wall Rotations Plank Shoulder Taps Front…

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*Cornell Wellness Virtual Bootcamp Class #8

Round 1: 40/20 Round 2: 30/15 5 stations, 2 exercises/ station, repeat each exercise two times before moving on to the next station. After finishing the first round take a 2 minute break and move to…

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Cornell Wellness Virtual Bootcamp Class #5

Round 1- :45/:15, Round 2- :40/:20, Round 3- :30/:15, Round 4- :20/:10 1.) In & Out Push Ups 2.) RDL to Row (R) 3.) RDL to Row (L) 4.) In & Out Squats 5.) Side Bends (R) 6.) Side Bends (L) …

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Cornell Wellness Virtual Bootcamp Class #1

Time Interval- Round 1: 30/30 Round 2 & 3: 40/20 Round 4: 20/20 Exercises: Incline Push Ups Body Squats Bicep Curls Mountain Climbers High Knees Shoulder Taps Reverse Lunges Bent Over Rows…

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Cornell Wellness Make It Happen Monday Episode 5: Creating Your Dynamic Warm Up

Struggling to find ways to warm up for your exercise activities? Watch as Cornell Wellness staff Jeremy Stewart takes you through a full body dynamic warm up to prepare your body for exercise.

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