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Acumatica User Group Meeting, May 2, 2024

From  Rhodora Seymour 8 plays

Publication Ready LaTex Tables in Stata Using Texresults2

Link to Gihub Page. Includes copy of slides and code. Please fill out the evaluation form here. Schedule a consultation View CCSS Workshops Request access to CCSS Cloud Computing Resources, Gain…

From  Jacob Grippin 8 plays

Introduction to Qualtrics Feb2024.mp4

Link to Github Page: Access to Qualtrics through Cornell Schedule a consultation View CCSS Workshops Fill out 2 minute evaluation form Request…

From  Jacob Grippin 7 plays

Acumatica User Group Meeting, January 18, 2024

From  Rhodora Seymour 10 plays

Stata: Data Manipulation & Analysis Practice Sessions 1(6/21/2023 9-11am) Reduced

Github page containing all files: Access to Stata:

From  Jacob Grippin 2 plays

Publication Ready Tables Through Coding Part 2 (R, Stata)

Link to Github page. Contains copies of code and how to access software.

From  Caiwei Zhang 3 plays

Publication Ready Tables Through Coding(R, Stata)

Link to Github page. Contains copies of code and how to access software.

From  Caiwei Zhang 11 plays

DUO Universal Prompt

DUO authentication prompt will be updating Feb. 5, 2023. Effective Monday, February 6th, you will see the updated DUO universal prompt. For additional information, please review: The Duo Universal…

From  Christi Smith 51 plays

Web Scraping Application Programming Interface (API) Series

Web Scraping and APIs for extracting data through the web 0:00:00 - 0:37:14 Applications of Web Scraping Techniques with Python 0:37:14 - 1:59:00 Applications of API Techniques using Python 2:00:00 -…

From  Caiwei Zhang 11 plays

LastPass - Change Master Password

Tutorial for CCE/Cornell LastPass business account users to change master password, set recovery device, and enable two-step authentication. Additional resources can be found here:Last Pass Support -…

From  Christi Smith 7 plays

PayFlex Flexible Spending Accounts | Contract College Option Transfer 2022

PayFlex Presentation of Flexible Spending Accounting during Contract College Option Transfer 2022.

From  Gerald Deis 18 plays

NYS 529 College Savings | Open Enrollment 2022

A webinar outlining the NY's 529 College Savings Programs available to employees at Cornell. Held virtually during Benefair 2022.

From  Gerald Deis 8 plays

Intermediate Stata

Github page: Code: Access to software:…

From  Jacob Grippin 10 plays

Survey Writing and Analysis Tips using Qualtrics

From  Jacob Grippin 9 plays

Stata Basics 10/17/2022

Github Page with Files. 'Stata' How to access Stata Options: - Use Apps on Demand through Canvas. Instructions included…

From  Jacob Grippin 11 plays

Apps on Demand(AoD) copy and paste

Sign in: Copy and paste:

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