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Veterinary Science Taking Care of Animals - at the Vet and in the Wild!

Presenter: Olivia Whitmarsh

From  Kenny Berkowitz 147 plays

Cornell Wellness Pick A Healthy Habit Office Hours

Join Cornell Wellness staff Jeremy Stewart and Erin Harner for an interview style conversation to answer all of your nutrition related questions about the challenge.

From  Jeremy Stewart 22 plays

Miles' Gastropoda Trimmed

From  Arjun Hausner 64 plays

CNF 30th - Nanostructured Interfaces for Therapeutic Delivery

From  Karlis Musa 10 plays

Acute Liver Failure: ACVECC Exam Webinar 7/18/2019

From  Daniel Fletcher 992 plays

Receiving protocols to optimize performance

Dr. Dave Wilson, DVM

From  Audia Denton 48 plays

Necropsy - Dr. King

From  Dave Frank 3,860 plays

Abdominal Anatomy introperative

From  Dave Frank 418 plays

Feline Ovariectomy

From  Dave Frank 1,152 plays

Pony Anesthesia

From  Dave Frank 209 plays

Feline Induction and Intubation

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Dr. Todhunter's Lameness Exam

From  Dave Frank 99 plays

Avian Physical Exam

From  Dave Frank 365 plays

Dr. Center Extended Exam

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Dr. Hornbuckle - 7 Minute Physical

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