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CIS306 One Live Meeting

Zoom Recording ID: 94534075294 UUID: Gyg19Dw5QuKcFg38jY1zeQ== Meeting Time: 2021-12-30 06:30:13pm

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*Cornell Wellness Day: Essential Stretches for an Active Workday

Join Wellness' Nutrition & General Health Outreach Educator, Jeremy Stewart, as he takes through some brief stretches you can perform throughout your active workday to bring some relaxation…

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Cornell Wellness De-Stress Desk Stretches

Join Jeremy Stewart from Cornell Wellness as he takes you through various full body stretches to relax and calm the body.

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CCEOswego4-H Make Your Own Seed Tape.mp4

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Sterile Gowning Procedure 2

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Science on Sundays (SoS) w/ We Be Imagining

Zoom Recording ID: 295270305 UUID: zKQhJqMHT9iGd9YOSN+6Fw== Meeting Time: 2020-04-19T23:47:29Z Opening dance performance by Stanley Muñoz The mysterious phenomenon called ‘tears of…

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Equine Eye Catheter

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Canine - Bone Marrow Aspiration-Forelimb

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Instrument tie - Better

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Bone Marrow Aspiration-Forelimb

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Feline Ovariectomy

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Better One-Handed Tie

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Better Instrument tie

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Instrument Tie (Suture Patterns)

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