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Agustin Olivo

From  Sarah Day 10 plays

2023 CNF REU Harrison Final Presentation

2023 CNF REU Intern Daniel Harrison; "A Systematic Study of How Different Phases of Niobium Nitride (NbxN) React to Xenin Difluoride (XeF2) Undercut Etch"; PI: Prof. Debdeep Jena

From  Melanie-Claire Mallison 12 plays

2023 CNF REU Dzotcha Final Presentation

2023 CNF REU Intern Astrid Dzotcha; "Etching of Topological Metals for Interconnect"; PI: Prof. Judy Cha

From  Melanie-Claire Mallison 8 plays

2022 Summer School lecture 5 (Schlom)

From  James Overhiser 10 plays

Schlom Lecture 5 MBE/ARPES Summer School 2022 (Suboxide)

From  James Overhiser 27 plays

Schlom Day 3 Lecture #5 MBE&ARPES Summer School 2022

Zoom Recording ID: 91639832916 UUID: WgK9du3pRNqI4FWZNpcAvA== Meeting Time: 2022-06-15 01:11:43pm

From  James Overhiser 9 plays

2023 REU Henry Bowman

From  James Overhiser 25 plays

2023 REU Ian Mercer

From  James Overhiser 12 plays

2023 REU Jayson Johnson

From  James Overhiser 21 plays


From  James Overhiser 9 plays


From  James Overhiser 12 plays


From  James Overhiser 13 plays

Boiler Training_Weill Hall_020223 video 1

From  Shelby Clark-Shevalier 9 plays

DA research profile_Katie Gold

From  Gabriela Cestero 76 plays

2022 REU Presentation: Evan Krysko

From  James Overhiser 56 plays


From  James Overhiser 8 plays