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Nuts and Bolts of Oxide MBE #3—Epitaxy, Substrates, and Crystal Growth (Schlom)

2019 Cornell Summer School LINK to presentation slides

From  James Overhiser 150 plays

Pulmonary Function Testing: ACVECC Exam Webinar July 2, 2019

Liz Rozanski presents Pulmonary Function Testing

From  Daniel Fletcher 484 plays

2017 REU Kay Goldberg PARADIM REU Nano-Convocation

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CAM Colloquium - Rick Johnson (Cornell ECE) - Computational Art History: Matching Manufactured Patterns in Art Supports

Three projects will be described exploiting digital signal processing in analysis of images of art that reveal manufactured features in their support materials: 1) Thread count patterns among…

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Surgeons Knot

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Necropsy - Dr. King

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Ventral Midline Wound Closure

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Abdominal Anatomy introperative

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Cruciate Suture

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Surgeons Knot or Throw

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Equine Intravenous Catherization

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CNF NanoCourses 2004 – Section 1.1: Introduction (Sandip T

From  David Botsch 733 plays

CNF NanoCourses 2004 – Section 2.1: Vacuum Science, Pumps

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