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Veterinary Science Taking Care of Animals - at the Vet and in the Wild!

Presenter: Olivia Whitmarsh

From  Kenny Berkowitz 118 plays

Cornell [email protected] - Lorin Warnick

As part of Cornell [email protected], Lorin Warnick, Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, talks with his grandchildren, answers their questions, and talks about his role. For more Cornell [email protected]

From  Gerald Deis 94 plays

Jack: Crustacea Trimmed

From  Arjun Hausner 67 plays

Dialysis: ACVECC Exam Webinar July 24, 2019

From  Daniel Fletcher 437 plays

ANS: ACVECC Exam Webinar July 23, 2019

From  Daniel Fletcher 671 plays

Cystocentesis Canine

From  Dave Frank 17 plays

Necropsy - Dr. King

From  Dave Frank 2,366 plays

Ventral Midline Wound Closure

From  Dave Frank 381 plays

Abdominal Anatomy introperative

From  Dave Frank 259 plays

Feline Ovariectomy

From  Dave Frank 548 plays

Feline Ventral midline incision

From  Dave Frank 464 plays


From  Dave Frank 69 plays

Feline Induction and Intubation

From  Dave Frank 1,202 plays

Dr. Hornbuckle - 7 Minute Physical

From  Dave Frank 215 plays