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Spirion - Set Password

For first time users and those needing to set a Spirion user profile password: Open Spirion / Identity Finder application Create new password Should NOT be the same as your NetID password Confirm…

From  Christi Smith 17 plays

Two-Step Login with CU VPN

This how to video shows you multiple options for connecting to the CU VPN with two-step login. More information about CU VPN:

From  Jenn Matthews 56 plays

Zoom - Add Automatic Closed Captioning

Note: After the host has activated Live Transcript, you’ll want to let attendees know that they can click the small up-arrow in the Live Transcript button to select how to display. More…

From  Jenn Matthews 1 plays

eCornell Registration Tutorial Complete

From  Lora Gruber-Hine 174 plays

Zoom SSO login

Instructions for logging into the Zoom desktop app with Cornell SSO login - requires NetID and password. For additional Zoom resources please…

From  Christi Smith 28 plays