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2023 REU Hayley Ruddick

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2022 REU Presentation: Sri Gudivada

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2022 REU Presentation: Ethan Ray

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ANSC 605: Periodic Table

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ANSC 605: Last Lecture (G-Bye Party)

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Aug 25 Cation Exchange for High Acid High pH Wines

Misha Kwasniewski and Chris Gerling describe a winemaking practice for dealing with high pH - high acid wines called Cation Exchange, which uses a medium to replace K+ ions in the wine with H+,…

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2019 Racker Technical Lecture 11-22-2019

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Dialysis: ACVECC Exam Webinar July 24, 2019

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Advanced Fluid Therapy: ACVECC Exam Webinar July 23, 2019

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CV 2nd Messengers: ACVECC Exam Webinar July 23, 2019

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