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Neurodiversity Dialogues: How Awareness, Acceptance and Compassionate Treatment of Neurodivergent People has Evolved

In this session, there will be some exposition about the timelines of identification and discovery of different neurodivergent conditions. Discussion will center around what we can learn from history…

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Neurodiversity Dialogues: Human Development & Neurominorities

In this session, we will discuss how human development theories apply to neurominorities, questioning the validity of frameworks used to evaluate the abilities and capacities of neurodivergent…

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Neurodiversity Dialogues: The intersection between neurodivergence and queerness

In this session, we spoke about the intersection between neurodivergence and queerness--the percentage of people identifying as LGBTQ+ is higher in neurodivergent people than among neurotypical…

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Neurodiversity Dialogues: Classroom Experiences of Neurodivergent People

This Neurodiversity Dialogues session started off with a discussion of why we care about having a neurodivergent student body and institution. Cornell is already a neurodiverse institution, with many…

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Participatory Research Panel

Join us to hear experiences and ideas from students and researchers at Cornell, CUNY and Tufts engaged in Participatory Research. Participatory research refers to the practice of conducting…

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Neurodiversity Dialogues: Psychological Needs of Neurodivergent Students

In preparation for our discussion about the Mental Health needs of Neurodivergent Students I’ve prepared some stats and resources for you! To start, let’s think generally about what the…

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Intro to accessibility 11_17_22

Introduction to accessibility and recommendations for making your websites, documents and social media posts accessible.

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Symposium Dr Lisa Nishii

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Accessibility and inclusion in online meetings

Zoom meeting recording | Gathering online is now a commonplace for us. While we may be well acquainted with the basics of Zoom, how do you ensure that your meetings are as accessible and inclusive as…

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Creating “Advancing DEI at Cornell”

This virtual panel was recorded for the 2021 Inclusive Excellence Summit on April 27 and 28. Moderated by: Toral Patel, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programs Consultant, Department of Inclusion…

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11-08-2019 - Keith Barr

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Siteimprove – Introducing the NextGen Accessibility Module

Zoom Recording ID: 93995454466 UUID: 3CuHAiS2SLCrJus4mYJtpw== Meeting Time: 2021-07-14T18:50:52Z

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Interview with Aubrey Lang | Diversity Includes Disability

At Cornell, Diversity includes Disability. Aubrey Lang graciously shares her story. We have resources and programs to support staff and faculty with visible and invisible disabilities. We encourage…

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03-12-2021 - Evan Frazier

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HR Community Meeting - 1/21/21

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Managers Forum 1/15 - Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Cornell

Angela Winfield, Associate Vice President for Inclusion and Workforce Diversity, presents information on the Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Cornell program. Part of the Managers…

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