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April 25, 2023 - David E. Block, Ph.D., Creating Real Steak Without the Cow

David E. Block, PhD Professor and Marvin Sands Department Chair Department of Viticulture and Enology, Department of Chemical EngineeringUniversity of California, Davis Creating Real Steak…

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ANSC 605: Lecture 36

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ANSC 605: Lecture 35

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ANSC 605: Lecture 34

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ANSC 605: Lecture 27

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ANSC 605: Lecture 25

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ANSC 605: Lecture 22

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ANSC 605: Lecture 20

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ANSC 605: Lecture 17

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ANSC 605: Lecture 16

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ANSC 605: Lecture 7 (02/07/1995)

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ANSC 403: Lecture 17 - Review of questions adressed in exam 28' Forage Conservation and feed supplements chemical treatment of straws and forages by product feeds

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ANSC 403: Lecture 15 - Characteristics of tropical forages and their intakes. Lignin. Rumen microoganisms and nitrogen utiuzation. Protein. Tanins.

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Clip of From Stream To Table – Catching, Preparing & Cooking Local Fish

Zoom Recording ID: 93517524751 UUID: LBaBZrmlQXqWdDG5n+tcog== Meeting Time: 2020-07-16T16:51:44Z

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Aug 25 Cation Exchange for High Acid High pH Wines

Misha Kwasniewski and Chris Gerling describe a winemaking practice for dealing with high pH - high acid wines called Cation Exchange, which uses a medium to replace K+ ions in the wine with H+,…

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Cornell Wellness How to Read A Nutrition Label

Knowing how to read a nutrition label is a key part to developing and sustaining a healthy eating plan. Watch Cornell Wellness staff, Jeremy Stewart, as breaks down the basics of how to decipher what…

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