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Dyson Teaching Luncheon: Faculty Panel Discussion on Class Attendance Policies and Concerns

Zoom Recording ID: 92198372865 UUID: xuvX+cM9T9KXHYrmRXpfGA== Meeting Time: 2024-04-12 03:45:57pmGMT

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Cynthia Lei - DFA Procurement - Writing and UX Design

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Chris's quick Kahoot! course

Zoom Recording ID: 94148071504 UUID: 8pYxjyWIR7Gx3goEFWHFlw== Meeting Time: 2020-09-28T21:58:29Z

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Zoom Sep. 15. User-Defined Functions

In this class we will review how functions are defined, and how we visualize their execution.We will spend more of the class talking about visualization than how to write function definitions in…

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Zoom Sep. 10. Functions and Modules

In this class we talk about how to import optional features into Python. We also show how to make program files we can run.This class will follow the same format as the last one. We will reinforce…

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Sustainable Agriculture 2.mp4

Presenter: Caroline Hinrichs

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