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Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP) in R

Github Page Please fill out the evaluation form here. Schedule a consultation View CCSS Workshops Request access to CCSS Cloud Computing Resources, Gain access to our statistical software for…

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Lecture 27, Oct 20, 2023 Non-holonomic Dynamics

Lecture 27, Oct 20, 2023

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Session 3 of ACM Symposium on Computational Fabrication

Session Chair: Thijs Roumen Keynote by Kelly Delp (Cornell University) Gradient-Based Dovetail Joint Shape Optimization for Stiffness Xingyuan Sun, Chenyue Cai, Ryan P. Adams and Szymon…

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Ezra's Round Table on 9/15/2023: Dr. Christos Cassandras

Optimal Safe-Critical Autonomy for Multi-Agent Systems: Making Autonomous Vehicles a Reality Implementing solutions to complex dynamic optimization problems is limited by the fact that these…

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Publication Ready Tables in R Fall 2023

Use coding file 'Publication Ready Tables code (1).R' Github page with all materials Fill out evaluation form here.

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Introduction to Machine Learning.mp4

Link to Github page Fill out Evaluation form here.

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Kyle Shen Lecture #3 MBE&ARPES Summer School 2022 (Quasiparticles)

Zoom Recording ID: 91639832916 UUID: Cp+Z21IYT26fv3VXTGVqvQ== Meeting Time: 2022-06-17 12:53:43pm

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2023 DFT Summer School Theory Lecture 1 and 2

Zoom Recording ID: 94961817596 UUID: L5BtwfWoR9iDCKQaM9VB0A== Meeting Time: 2023-07-24 01:09:16pmGMT

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Coding with R and Python Using Linux Parallel Computing

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Applications of API's in Data Science

Github Page with Sample Programming Files:

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Promoting Lung Health in San Jose, CA (Breathe California) - Miranda Huang

Miranda Huang is a senior in the College of Human Ecology majoring in Global and Public Health Sciences with a minor in Business. She is passionate about health equity and data equality, and she…

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