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Rohan Mohite - Financial Analytics

From  Ron Henry 13 plays

Thomas Barraclough - IT Risk Assurance and Data Analytics

From  Ron Henry 3 plays

Lucas Esponda - FCS - Tableau Dashboard

From  Ron Henry 20 plays

Angela Chang - Writing and Graphic Design

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Joe Shepard - Compliance and Risk Management

From  Ron Henry 14 plays

Johnson COVID-19: Supply Chain, Prof. Vishal Gaur

From  Safiyyah Abdul Hamid 39 plays

ORIE Reunion

Zoom Recording ID: 91765406206 UUID: 9p1SyqXlThyTV6EEJdKQeg== Meeting Time: 2020-06-06T15:31:02Z

From  Henry Lam 31 plays

HR for HR in Times of Transformation

From  Donald Bazley 10 plays

Technology and the Future of Work

From  Donald Bazley 2 plays

Innovations in HR Analytics

From  Donald Bazley 13 plays

Johnson COVID-19: Supply Chain Impacts, Prof. Li Chen (Mar 24, 2020)

From  Jonathan Tin 27 plays

Educators roundtable – lessons learned so far in moving online

Zoom Recording ID: 916338533 UUID: D8bxsLoJTg22grRY8IGskw== Meeting Time: 2020-04-08T16:49:50Z

From  Paul Treadwell 10 plays

Advances in Agricultural Analytics and Digital Agriculture

From  Jennifer Wright 52 plays

Testing Session_Global Accessibility Awareness Day

From  Brandon Brylinsky 19 plays

ORIE Colloquium, 2015-05-20 - Andrew Goldberg: Logistics Optimization at Amazon: Operations Research in Action

We discuss optimization problems at Amazon Logistics. Amazon is the biggest on-line retailer, fulfilling millions of orders a day. This leads to many classical OR problems. In addition, many of these…

From  E. Cornelius 64 plays

ORIE Colloquium, 2014-12-19 - Nathan Kallus: From Predictive to Prescriptive Analytics

Many operational problems in data-rich environments can be characterized by three primitives: data on uncertain quantities of interest such as simultaneous demands, concurrent auxiliary data such as…

From  E. Cornelius 180 plays