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Himanshu Saxena: Decarbonization Challenges

Thought Leaders on Infrastructure video series. Himanshu Saxena, MS ’00, Chairman and CEO of Lotus Infrastructure Partners and Member of the CPIP Board of Advisors, describes what will lie…

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Grace Brandon: Investing in Renewable Energy Infrastructure

Cornell Alumna Grace Brandon, Manager, Global Infrastructure, with Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC), explains how investments in renewable energy infrastructure have become such a…

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20232 REU Yufan Feng

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2023 REU Nicholas Redwing

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Becoming Big Red Cornell First-Year Families Conversation Series: Living & Dining on Campus | June 22, 2023

The Becoming Big Red: Cornell First-Year Families Conversation Series is hosted by the Cornell University Office of Parent & Family Programs. Our topic is Living and Dining at Cornell. Joined by…

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Systems Conversation on 2/8/2019: Drew Shindel

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2022 CNF 45th, Video 12; Prof. Judy Cha, Cornell University

2022 CNF 45th Anniversary Celebration & Annual Meeting, Video 5; Prof. Judy Cha, Materials Science and Engineering, Cornell University; Post-Synthesis Design of 2D Materials

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2022 CNF 45th, Video 11; Prof. Karan Kartik Mehta, Cornell University

2022 CNF 45th Anniversary Celebration & Annual Meeting, Video 11; Prof. Karan Kartik Mehta, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University; Integrated Optical…

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2022 CNF 45th, Video 10; Dr. Charles Black, Brookhaven National Laboratory

2022 CNF 45th Anniversary Celebration & Annual Meeting, Video 10; Dr. Charles Black, Director, Center for Functional Nanomaterials, Brookhaven National Laboratory; Let's Do Work that…

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2022 REU Presentation: Kevin Hernandez

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2022 REU Presentation: Evan Krysko

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Stochastic Networks Conference 2022 - Nelly Litvak Edit

Zoom Recording ID: 97630276119 UUID: U0km4eAFT/qJV3mJGOGpqw== Meeting Time: 2022-06-22 12:35:35pm

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Anne Valentine Andrews: Investing in Infrastructure

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ORIE Colloquium on 10/19/2021: Milind Tambe (Harvard)

Multiagent Reasoning for Social Impact: Results from Deployments for Public Health and Conservation With the maturing of AI and multiagent systems research, we have a tremendous opportunity to…

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