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Writing the Future: Career Planning Series for Chinese Students - Tech Firms (书写未来: 留学生职业规划系列讨论Ⅰ - 科技企业篇)

08/02/2022 Writing the Future: Career Planning Series for Chinese Students - Tech Firms (书写未来: 留学生职业规划系列讨论Ⅰ - 科技企业篇) The number and percentage of overseas students returning to China for employment…

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Learning together online: E-learning for extension and outreach - Discussion boards (short clip)

Circa 2006 - short clip from Learning together online focusing on the value of social interactions in online courses.

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Elisabeth Boas

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4-H Fly By- Bird Identification

Zoom Recording ID: 95516878452 UUID: mmS0QVRYS3+ARH0PpkaEaw== Meeting Time: 2021-01-20T23:09:13Z

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Motivational Interviewing Training for Reentry Volunteers

Zoom Recording ID: 91669471269 UUID: /33TaRrnRlWgi/Oico6NrQ== Meeting Time: 2020-10-03T12:41:35Z

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07 - Promoting Equality of Educational Opportunity by Investing Early - Watts, Raver

The Sixth Biennial Urie Bronfenbrenner Conference An Equal Start: Policy and Practice to Promote Equality of Opportunity for Children October 25-26, 2018 Section: Education and Equality of…

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Session 18: Public Sector Labor Relations in NYC

2018-04-12 00:00:00+00

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Session 17: Public Sector Labor Relations General Issues

2018-04-10 00:00:00+00

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CAM Colloquium - Grant Wiggins: What is all the fuss concerning Common Core Math Standards - and why should you care?

As we know, the new national standards for math in K-12 education have gone from being completely ho-hum and ignored to becoming a hot-button political issue. What should we make of the controversy?…

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CAM Colloquium, 2016-09-16 - Jo Boaler: The Mindset Revolution: How the Latest Brain Science Can Transform Mathematics Learning Pathways.

Abstract: We are in the midst of a revolution, in the science of the brain and learning. New knowledge from brain science is showing a clear path for mathematics learning, that is both…

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