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PDF Example and Accessibility Indicators

PDF Example and Accessibility Indicators (length: 3:02) from the Ally Training Workshop In this training workshop, learn to use Ally, a new tool in Canvas to help improve course accessibility. The…

From  Dave Winterstein 50 plays

Solar Oven Smores

From  Jolene Zaia 5 plays

Screen reader & Siteimprove training

Zoom Recording ID: 396425721 UUID: jOzGgTgnTo6jkxAOfaeHwQ== Meeting Time: 2020-04-30T18:56:41Z

From  Brandon Brylinsky 57 plays

Web Accessibility for Content Contributors

From  Brandon Brylinsky 88 plays

Testing Session_Global Accessibility Awareness Day

From  Brandon Brylinsky 19 plays

Forage - Optimizing Animal Performance: Factors affecting dry matter intake

Karen Hoffman, NRCS

From  Audia Denton 75 plays

CS2110-FA17-28 Session 28

2017-12-01 00:00:00+00

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Feline Transport

From  Dave Frank 10 plays

Feline Scruff and Stretch

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Canine Basic Restraint 2

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