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PARADIM Electron Microscopy Summer School Public Lectures 2021 - Diffraction

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ORIE Colloquium: Kuang Xu (Standford), April 13, 2021

“Using mean-field modeling to power experimentation” I will discuss a new approach to experimental design in large-scale stochastic systems with considerable cross-unit…

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Zoom Recording ID: 96071157995 UUID: UlLK3ANwQLqchXmnR3HpIA== Meeting Time: 2021-03-15T17:17:04Z

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Zoom Recording ID: 96071157995 UUID: /umr4sZNRY2guIcwbxXuHw== Meeting Time: 2021-03-03T17:42:28Z

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Zoom Recording ID: 96071157995 UUID: 9WhgbSzGQYyhglppSQEkQA== Meeting Time: 2021-02-17T18:13:10Z

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9.28.20 Mark Bun, Boston University

Zoom Recording ID: 97470844866 UUID: PsG4eC4wSeCv4A4sL7B1dw== Meeting Time: 2020-09-28T20:03:01Z

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MAE 4730/5730 Lecture

Zoom Recording ID: 95137020859 UUID: QwCsqJ7eTuSK1TA0lIww+w== Meeting Time: 2020-09-04T13:52:19Z

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MAE 4710/5710 Applied Dynamics

Zoom Recording ID: 200816800 UUID: iLqM8KGMQQ2+g+1D2V4Anw== Meeting Time: 2020-05-08T16:12:19Z

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From Particles to Quasiparticles - Understanding and Measuring Interactions by ARPES. (Shen)

2019 Cornell Summer School

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Growth of Ruthenates—CaRuO3, SrRuO3, Ca2RuO4, Sr2RuO4-(Schlom)

2019 Cornell Summer School

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Diffraction (Part 1)

2017 PARADIM Diffraction part 1 David Muller

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DrupalCamp 2018: Bricks and WYSIWYG paragraphs for Impressive Pages without Developers

Bricks, paragraphs, and modifiers allow enormously flexible page layouts that are easy for content providers to build. WYSIWYG paragraphs let authors make dynamic content areas interspersed with…

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