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The Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement - Miranda Iannone and Jorge Rodriguez

Miranda Iannone is a senior in the College of Human Ecology majoring in Global and Public Health Sciences and minoring in Business. In addition to her studies, Miranda is a captain and goalkeeper for…

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Wellbeing@Work: Cultivating Positive Relationships

The panel discusses how to cultivate positive relationships in personal life and at work.Watch the rest of the conversation here:…

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Creating “Advancing DEI at Cornell”

This virtual panel was recorded for the 2021 Inclusive Excellence Summit on April 27 and 28. Moderated by: Toral Patel, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programs Consultant, Department of Inclusion…

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Max Lundeen - Compliance and Risk Services - Confidential Hotline webpage

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11-15-2019 - Anthony Capuano

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10-18.2019 - Helen Smith

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09-13-2019 - Tuesday Baptiste

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09-28-2018 - Petter Stordalen

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09-14-2018 - Heather Jacobs

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08-31-2018 - Susan Guerin

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11-10-2017 - Elizabeth Blau

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10-14-2016 - Marco Benvenuti

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09-09-2016 - Suzanne Heidelberger

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09-02-2016 - Daniel Schwartz

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Clip of Jim Alexander on Archipelago: Indonesia Past & Present

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Jim Alexander testimonial 2

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