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Food Preservation "Scavenger Hunt" Lunch&Learn MG

Zoom Recording ID: 91568781790 UUID: hA3tWRC6SGWTgUSn6+7F8A== Meeting Time: 2024-03-26 03:53:35pmGMT

From  Kelly McDonald 15 plays

Pressure Canning 101-Harvest Kitchen 10/14/2021

Filed live from the Harvest Kitchen at the Extension Learning Farm in Canton, NY. Instructor is Flip Filippi, a certified Master Food Preserver and the manager of the Harvest Kitchen. Zoom Recording…

From  Maria Filippi 13 plays

Pressure Canning Online Class-CCE St. Lawrence 11/3/2020

Pressure canning is an amazing technique to preserve low acid foods such as meat, beans, soups and vegetables than cannot be safely preserved with water bath canning. It is a popular method to…

From  Maria Filippi 27 plays