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Machine Learning Spring 2023 part 1

Introduction to Machine Learning in the Social Sciences 0:00:00 - 1:00:00 Exploratory Data Analysis for Machine Learning 1:02:00 - end Link to Github:

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What the sounds of words tell us about their meaning

This is the third talk in the 41st Annual Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series —How Does Language Work? Insights from Evolution, Acquisition and Processing — delivered by Dr. Morten H.…

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Lesson 5.1 Function Terminology

This video series is where we start to pile on the vocabulary. In this video we reveiw the most important vocabulary terms for this series, and show you where to look if you are unsure about a word.

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Demystifying the Literature Review: A Hands-on Workshop

Webinar Recording of “Demystifying the Literature Review: A Hands-on Workshop for Taking a Structured Approach” Friday, April 24, 2020 by CUL Librarians Christine Fournier, Sarah…

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10 - Kernel Image and Span Session 10

2009-02-09 09:10:11+00

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