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2022 REU Presentation: Sri Gudivada

From  James Overhiser 17 plays


REU final research presentation August 16, 2021 at Cornell University.

From  James Overhiser 15 plays

PARADIM DFT Summer School 2021 - Practical Lecture 5

PARADIM DFT Summer School 2021 - Practical Lecture 5 - Betül Pamuk

From  Brenda Fisher 74 plays

PARADIM Electron Microscopy Summer School Public Lectures 2021 - Measuring electronic structure with EELS

From  Brenda Fisher 182 plays

REU presentations 7/15/2020

Zoom Recording ID: 96251374359 UUID: yLMTLb7zTI6xaUPnXq0zjg== Meeting Time: 2020-07-15T13:50:58Z

From  James Overhiser 38 plays


From  James Overhiser 21 plays

From Einstein's Photoelectric Effect to Band Mapping. (Shen)

2019 Summer School

From  James Overhiser 311 plays

Valence EELS, High Energy Resolution

2017 PARADIM SUMMER SCHOOL Low loss EELS David Muller

From  James Overhiser 147 plays