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Spirion - Run Scan

To Run your Spirion sensitive data scan:- Open Spirion and login- Open "Advanced Interface"- Set data types- Set locations -> be sure to include EMAIL, and under location options select…

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WA Checklist Demo 2021

New WA checklist

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Lucas Esponda - FCS - Tableau Dashboard

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Patrick Yuan - Service Management - Service Activities

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Danielle Frye - Queue Monitor

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Samantha Zheng - FCS Analytics Training Guide and Energy Hedging Finances

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David Park - Financial Analytics Balance Scorecard

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Kelly Chen - Service Documentation

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Jasmine Eng - Financial Operations

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Max Lundeen - Compliance and Risk Services - Confidential Hotline webpage

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James Czech - Finance - For 990 Workpapers

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Austin Brown & Yvette Hung - Zoom and Kaltura Automation

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Angela Zheng - VPUE - Experience Cornell

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Angela Chang - Writing and Graphic Design

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Frank Gao, Elizabeth Jung, Hannah Tsay - PMO Project Lifecycle

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Kira Solberg - FCS - PM Dashboard

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