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From III-V (GaN) to 2D TMD semiconductors and beyond (Joan Redwing)

From  James Overhiser 8 plays

2023 REU Nicholas Redwing

From  James Overhiser 15 plays

2023 REU Tomas Kraay

From  James Overhiser 47 plays

Anderson @ 2022 NNCI REU Convocation

2022 NNCI REU Convocation at the University of Louisville, Kentucky; Sean C. Anderson, Jr., 2022 CNF REU Intern with Prof. Farhan Rana (Cornell)

From  Melanie-Claire Mallison 18 plays

2022 REU Presentation: Jayda Shine

From  James Overhiser 17 plays

Hot Topic Talk: Guided Materials Discovery (w/virtual tour):Tyrel McQueen, Lucas and Mekhola

Zoom Recording ID: 93911224526 UUID: thTMSuGSSu+9ac//s4/ulw== Meeting Time: 2020-07-27T15:54:57Z

From  James Overhiser 58 plays