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Qualitative Bootcamp 2022 Day 1: Atlas.ti

From  Jacob Grippin 6 plays

Introduction to Atlas.ti Spring 2022

From  Jacob Grippin 11 plays

Introduction to Atlas.ti Fall 2021

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Lesson 6.2 String Slicing

Strings have a fundamental property that is not present in the other types so far. You can cut up a string into smaller bits or substrings. This is know as string slicing, and it is the focus of the…

From  Hannah Lee 100 plays

Lesson 6.1 Advanced String Expressions

We have seen that we create a string by writing it between two quotes. However, the quotes are never part of the string. What if we want the quotes to be part of the string? In this video we tackle…

From  Hannah Lee 159 plays

Web Accessibility for Content Contributors

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