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CaSE July Meeting

Zoom Recording ID: 3158575918 UUID: +5g5q1I6QKqTpsAgRKXfMg== Meeting Time: 2020-07-02T20:48:53Z

From  Terrance Carroll 4 plays

Restarting the Economy: Opportunities and Challenges to Sustainability, Fred Keller (BS ‘66)

From  Safiyyah Abdul Hamid 6 plays

Bringing Employees Back to the Office

From  Melissa Burress 63 plays

Basics of Nut Production

From  Laura McDermott 80 plays

Feline Urethral Catherization

From  Dave Frank 23 plays


From  Dave Frank 7 plays

03. Alan Beyerchen, Kluge & Clausewitz

From  jrp354 69 plays


From  Dave Frank 19 plays