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Diffraction (Part 1)

2017 PARADIM Diffraction part 1 David Muller

d.n.a.solid poleconcepts in physicsoutgoing spherical wavepositive nucleiray diffraction experimentatomic physicsdiffracted beamnicely linedhigher ordersilicon atomelectron microscopyfocal pointimage intensityzone axissymmetry zone axesoptical devicesfiafraction patternteachingshape factorelectron microscopeaudio engineeringhigh anglenuclear physicsfit scatteringbeautiful thinggood approximationthin sampleimaging methodchip chip chipreciprocal latticephase shiftelastic scatteringdigital audioenglish indie rock groupsdiffraction patterndiffraction spacegeometric opticschemical elementsbig anglesspatial resolutionsmall angle scatteringelementary special functionsbadly tiltedspatial frequencyadam layerreal spacelattice spacingdelta functionsmall anglemeasurementcrystallographyparticle physicsmusical quintetstime frequenciesquantum chemistryscattering happened1st columnscatteringoral communicationplane waveatom columnbiology and pharmacology of chemical elementstitanium columnmulti slicetransmission functionelectron beamfinite objectsurface normalbig spacingperiodic crystalsoft moonforward directionsynchrotron-related techniqueswave numberconstant phaseinfinite serieschange shapetravel parallelinfinitely large crystalscientific techniquesmain thingsolmicroscopesmathematical physicscontrast imagingoptic axisshape facttransition metalsinitial waveforward scatteringstem imagereciprocal spacespherical waveelectronics terminologyquantum mechanicsfield imageneighboring column1st approximationreducing agentsfourier analysisanalytic geometryfurcal wavefocal planetime varyingbright fieldangle scatteringorder spotmulti slice simulationimage planedidacticsscattering eventphysical aperturediffraction spotmomentum spacephysical quantitiesphoria transformtimes worse2nd ringsingle atomobjective aperturedietary mineralsabsorption and radiative transfer (optics)trigonometrystrong phase approximationunit cellfield imagingcarbon nitrogenstem modemetalsdiffraction peakinverse angstromsenglish alternative rock groupsdog fieldgeometrical opticsparallel beam1st ordermomentum transferatomic resolution imageyear transformcrystallography definitionperiodic tablefiber optic waveguidepyrotechnic fuelscentral spotsemiconductor materialsmathematical notationcaption completefinite sizelattice imaged.c.large anglefall fieldsine wavefraction spotfunctional analysisrandom orientationt.m.bad newsinitial wave functioneducational psychologyacousticsinformation theorydiffractionatomic numberlong rodwave function
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Paradim 2018 new logo 9-19-18 2 HB

The Platform for the Accelerated Realization, Analysis, and Discovery of Interface Materials (PARADIM) helps users design and create new interface materials—materials that do not exist in…

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Effective Collaboration 2017

2017 PARADIM Summer School Lynne Vincent

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CAM Colloquium - Lawrie Virgin: Identifying Chaos Using Spectral Content

The characterization of chaos as a random-like response from a deterministic dynamical system with an extreme sensitivity to initial conditions is well-established, and has provided a stimulus to…

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CAM Colloquium: Howard C. Elman (Maryland) - Reduced Basis Collocation Methods for Partial Differential Equations with Random Coefficients

Friday, March 7, 2014 at 3:30pm Frank H. T. Rhodes Hall, 655 CAM Colloquium: Howard C. Elman (Maryland) - Reduced Basis Collocation Methods for Partial Differential Equations with Random…

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ORIE Colloquium, 2013-02-07 - Chaitanya Bandi: Robust Queueing Theory - A theory of Stochastic Analysis via Robust Optimization

ORIE Colloquium: Chaitanya Bandi (MIT) - Robust Queueing Theory - A theory of Stochastic Analysis via Robust Optimization Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 3:00pm Frank H. T. Rhodes Hall,…

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Ezra's Round Table/Systems Engineering Seminar, 3/30/2012 - Leon McGinnis: Model Based Systems Development

Friday, March 30 at 12:00pm Frank H.T. Rhodes Hall, 253 Those who design or manage large scale complex systems--such as the Mars orbiter, the Boeing 787, a global manufacturing system, a health care…

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Ezra's Round Table/Systems Engineering Seminar, 10/19/2012 - Mamadou Seck

Mamadou Seck (Delft Univ. of Technology) - Models in Systems Engineering Friday, October 19, 2012 at 12:00pm Frank H. T. Rhodes Hall, 253 We are confronted nowadays with situations that require…

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